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Design and Planning

At VERTICAL we are all about connecting…… with your architecture, with those who use and visit your space, and with your brand. Signage should be in concert with all three. We believe it is our obligation to deliver your project signage with all of these elements of connectivity.

Our first job is to understand you and your clientele, and then we understand your environment and create a look that's not only attractive, but a look that belongs. One that mirrors the lines of your architecture, the interior and exterior finishes, and supports the image of the environment.

But there's more…….. We design a complete sign system. Ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met, assuring consistency of look and feel, and assuring the designs are built for cost efficient manufacturing and operation for years to come.


Project Management

A lot of work goes into every sign from planning to installation. Our goal is to ensure that this work process is efficient and a great experience. Our architectural signage and environmental graphic systems and services are based on years of experience understanding how people interact in unfamiliar places, how companies express their brands, and how to get things done on time. VERTICAL's experienced professionals work in close cooperation with our clients, designers, architects, contractors, and regulatory authorities. As your partner, we manage every project, ensuring low lifecycle costs to sustain the design of your environment and the comfort of your customers.


Compliance and Permitting

Having a great sign system involves more than placing a sign at every façade, entrance, and door. It is a process, known as wayfinding that considers such things as how to efficiently direct traffic throughout the facility, the facility's design, and how to address changes as they occur. Signs typically must comply with local city code and ADA requirements.

A sign system that incorporates great design and function addresses many different aspects including local regulatory requirements which vary considerably.

VERTICAL's experienced professionals are ready to assist with the planning and design of your sign system to ensure all regulatory requirements are met. Our expertise and professionalism will help you not only have a successful signage and wayfinding program, but also save you time, frustrations, and money.



Our clients intuitively recognize signs as more than mere functional necessities. Further, they realize the opportunities that exist to harmonize the look of their signage with their interior and exterior space. We are committed to the discipline that signage deserves to be treated with a regard for higher aesthetic and quality values.

Nearly every person alive will interact closely with the signage. Whether driving by on the road, gleaning information from a directory, locating a particular office or building, people view signs at both long and close range. That's why materials and workmanship matter. At VERTICAL, we believe that our clients should have a comprehensive choice of beautiful materials from which to create great signage. That's why we build signs from many different materials. But rest assured we will only use high quality materials to build signs that last.

Whether in our own facility or that of one of our partners we accept only high quality materials and sound and reliable practices to produce the signs displayed on our clients' projects.



One of the most critical phases of any sign project is installation. Our trained installation professionals are available at the local level for every sign system manufactured. We also partner with industry professionals for specialized needs and for areas outside the Puget Sound. Code compliance, adherence to specifications, and safety standards are assured with the VERTICAL installation team.