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Frequently Asked Questions

What signs will I need for my project?

Our experienced professionals will evaluate your facility and advise you on any code-required signage and make recommendations on identification and wayfinding solutions. Project evaluations are free of charge. VERTICAL will provide complete design and planning, project management, compliance and permitting services on a fee basis. Your customer relations manager will provide you with a proposal for these services if required.

What do we need from you to evaluate a project?

Please provide us photos, design intent, elevation and floor plans. We deal with most all our clients on a face to face basis. So please give us call to set up an appointment to review your needs.

Do you do design work?

Yes, we do conceptual designs as well as complete production ready designs. We also work with your already existing designs.

Does my facility have to comply with ADA regulation?

Yes, there are very few exemptions to the ADA regulation. You must also consider ANSI guidelines and any other building or fire/life safety codes in your area. The regulatory nature of signage can be confusing due to ongoing changes and differences in interpretation and enforcement between regulatory bodies.

Do all signs require tactile copy and Braille?

No, only signage relating to permanent room identification is required to have tactile copy and Braille. This excludes directories, directional's and general informational signage such as; No Smoking, Hours of Operation, etc. Secondary information on regulated room sign such as names and titles is not required to have tactile copy and Braille.

What is your standard lead-time?

VERTICAL's standard lead-time is four weeks for manufacturing. This does vary by the type of signage and material selection. Marketing signs can typically be turned around in 10 days or less. Please keep in mind that additional time is required to get the job ready for manufacturing and installation including the preparation of location plans, message schedules, design and approvals. For large scale projects please get us involved months in advance of the desired installation date.

What if the sign cannot be positioned on the latch side of the door per ADA regulation?

In this instance, the sign may be installed on the nearest adjacent wall. Locate to allow approach within three inches (75mm) of the sign without encountering protruding objects or standing within the swing of the door.

What is your recommendation for cleaning signs?

This does depend on the type of material(s). Most signs may be cleaned using a clean lint free cloth and an all purpose cleaner (eco friendly preferred). DO NOT use ammonia or alcohol based cleaners.